Dedicated to serving the people and communities of the Metro East



#ForMetroEast exists to serve the communities of the Metro East of St. Louis, to unite perspectives, and to be an ally for all people. We are FOR you. Too often in our polarized culture, people are known by what they’re AGAINST. Against liberals or conservatives, the 1% or the poor, the LGBTQ community or the church, millennials’s or boomer’s. You name it, someone’s against it. We, on the other hand, want to be known by what (and who) we are FOR. We are FOR the Metro East.


#ForMetroEast is a new initiative. We are just getting started and in order to be successful, we have identified three areas of highest priority as we begin to be FOR our community.


#ForMetroEast is FOR education. In order to serve schools in the Metro East, we have begun to cultivate relationships with local schools.


#ForMetroEast is FOR the poor, under-resourced, and marginalized. In order to serve those most in need, we have begun to cultivate relationships with local organizations already working and known in East St. Louis, and other low-income communities.


#ForMetroEast is FOR justice. In order to serve those most in need of justice, we have begun initial relationships and conversations with families interested in foster care.


“Let's be known by what we're FOR, not by what we're against.”

-Chris VandeLinde



#ForMetroEast was born out of a heart to serve our community. Local Pastors Chris VandeLinde and Josh Kinney began dreaming of what a united effort to make our home a better place could look like. Leveraging their resources, connections and relationships, #ForMetroEast came into being. We are just getting started. History is still being made. Will you join us?


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